Dexter Pittman To Lance Stephenson: "Metta World Who?"

Indiana Pacers reserve Lance Stephenson has made a name for himself twice in his NBA career. First, in 2010, he was arrested after shoving his girlfriend down a flight of stairs and then slamming her head against the bottom step as he left the home. While that’s hard to top, he reminded us that he still exists during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, as he wrapped his hands around his throat to tell LeBron James what he thought of him.

As many people expected, Stephenson’s tactics had two results: 1) He caused James to explode for a combined 70 points in Games 4 and 5 to push the Heat to a 3-2 series lead, and B) The Heat’s role players were going head-hunting. Sure enough, Udonis Haslem and Dexter Pittman reminded the Pacers that they’re going to be disrespected underdogs for just a little bit longer.

First, Haslem laid a vicious hit on Tyler Hansbrough that earned the Heat big man a flagrant 1, but Pittman took the top prize with less than 20 seconds left in the game and a 27-point lead. Pittman could have just gone for an easy rebound, but he instead decided to rock Stephenson in the shoulder and neck with his elbow for a little, as the kids call it, how-do-you-do.

Needless to say, Pittman will likely be enjoying the rest of the playoffs from a couch, otherwise Metta World Peace might destroy a village.