Watch Dez Bryant Get Popped In The Face During The Cowboys-Rams Fight

Rule #1 of football fights: Don’t take off your helmet.
Rule #2 of football fights: Read rule #1 again.

Two fights broke out during a joint practice between the Cowboys and Rams. The first one was a real brouhaha, a free-for-all with cheap shots and blindside hits galore. Order was restored momentarily, but that didn’t last long as Dez Bryant and Rams CB Imoan Claiborne squared off, and damn Dez got walloped.

Video via WFAA:

POW! Right in the kisser.

The punch was so hard, it knocked out Bryant’s earring. Note to everyone: Don’t wear jewelry on a football field. Check that, don’t wear jewelry in a fight on a football field. Luckily for Dez, someone found it. Which, good for him, because that looks really expensive.

Bryant, by the way, wasn’t happy with how the whole thing went down. He took to Twitter to express his anger (he later deleted the tweet).

Via Jordan Heck:

This is the second fight at an NFL joint practice in less than a week. Just spitballin’ here, but perhaps these things are a bad idea. Perhaps an intrasquad scrimmage makes a little more sense. But I digress. If nothing else, this training camp season has been wildly entertaining.