Here’s Dez Bryant And A Cowboys Teammate Throwing Haymakers In Practice

Dallas Cowboys training camp opened with a little brouhaha between wide receiver Dez Bryant and cornerback Tyler Patmon on Sunday. The two appeared to exchange words after a play, then tried to knock each other out with haymakers. Both failed miserably in their attempt. Both should stick to football.


The incident was much ado about nothing, according to Bryant and Patmon. Both gave statements to the media after practice.

Tyler Patmon:

“Oh man, that’s just brothers fighting. That’s what happens sometimes, so we go at it and then we squash it. It’s over. Cornerbacks and receivers, there’s always history there. You know, it’s bound to happen. You know it’s part of being a family. We’re grown men. We battle. It’s a part of it.”

Dez Bryant:

“It’s two great competitors, man. We going back and forth. And you seen the play before. I was giving him a little bit of mouth, you know. And then, him just talking a whole bunch of stuff. And, um, he was talking back to me, and it escalated over to the next play. And that’s what happens. At the end of the day, he wasn’t going to back down, I wasn’t going to back down. We shook hands, we hugged, we respect one another.

[Dallas Cowboys]