Dez Bryant Plans On Spending The Next Week Tweeting About How Josh Norman ‘Got Exposed’

11.24.16 1 year ago 9 Comments

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Dez Bryant is no fan of Josh Norman. The two were frequently matched up on one another during the Thanksgiving game between Dallas and Washington, one which the Cowboys won, 31-26. The matchup between the Cowboys’ star receiver and the Redskins’ big-money corner was heated all day, so much so that they went at one another after the game.

Bryant had a solid game – five receptions for 72 yards – even though his numbers against Norman weren’t great. After the game, he decided he was going to take his dislike of Norman to the next level. Most notably, Bryant quote tweeted a tweet about how Norman was overrated and said that he was going to spend the next week of his life roasting Norman on Twitter.

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