Watch Little Dez Bryant Show Off Some Serious Moves At Cowboys Practice

It’s been an interesting training camp for the Dallas Cowboys. Scratch that. It’s been an interesting training camp for Dez Bryant. On the first day, he got into a fight with a teammate, resulting in some wild, and thankfully unconnected haymakers. Then, earlier this week, the Cowboys and Rams got into a wild brawl that saw Dez get walloped in the face.

Things have calmed down in the last few days, and Dez even found time to bring his son to practice. And what do you know, little Dez has some serious moves.

Here’s the scouting report on little Dez:

-decent hands
-nice, lateral quickness
-doesn’t fumble
-a little slow north to south
-too cocky
-needs to work on his spike

And, above all, he hasn’t berated his teammate publicly or run on the field to argue a call. It’s still early, but the future looks promising for Dez, Jr.