Dez Bryant May Or May Not Need New Pants

03.24.11 7 years ago

Apologies for the sporadic posting today. This hotel wi-fi is being a real stingy whore. Anyway, let’s talk about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, who may or may not have been kicked out of a mall in central Texas within the past week.

It seems Bryant and some members of his entourage created a disturbance when they were asked to exit the mall and … get this … pull up their britches. According to the report, Bryant and his posse had their underwear showing, leading an off-duty Dallas police officer to issue the warning.

Bryant was confrontational and originally refused to leave. Here’s the kicker: It’s not the first time Bryant has had issues at the mall. He had a “major disturbance” at the P.F. Changs and also caused a problem when he attempted to cut in line at the Apple Store. He’s also been cited for parking in the fire lane at the mall.
–National Football Post.

Dez is denying that he personally was given any warning, which almost sounds worse, really. If you want to wear your pants like that, Dezzie, just own it. Lots of private establishments set and enforce their own dress codes. Surely there was a store in that mall that sold belts.

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