Diana Taurasi And Seimone Augustus Received A Double Technical For Kissing

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09.27.13 3 Comments

Diana Taurasi kissed someone

Did I lure you in with the sexy, racy title? Good. Because that’s not really what happened at all. Last night, the Minnesota Lynx took a 1-0 lead over the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA Western Conference Finals, and Diana Taurasi led the way for Phoenix in the losing effort with 15 points. However, Taurasi lost her cool a little in the 4th period and shoved Seimone Augustus with her shoulder and the ref gave both women a technical foul. What he missed when T-ing them up, though, was Taurasi immediately showing that it was all in good fun by kissing her longtime rival on the cheek.

But obviously, that’s not nearly as cool as suggesting that they kissed each other. The problem with all of it, though, is that the Internet is a horrible, vile place, filled with the lowest scum on the face of the planet, and you can only imagine the YouTube comments that have followed. (Or you can read some here so you don’t have to imagine.)

This is the most wnba I have ever watched

NOW this league is getting interesting.

these are not even women haha

That was almost Hot… But not quite

Clearly that referee is a fag

Les-be-honest.. that shit was great promo for the wnba playoffs. They need some kind of boost for their ratings and maybe taurassi pulled it off with thst peck on the cheek.

So I guess the kidding around is pretty much over? The WNBA is finally “OUT”?

Of all people, you’d think WNBA players would know to keep the kissing off of the hardwood

If they did this more often the WNBA would get better ratings!!

Et cetera, et cetera.

As someone who makes fun of the WNBA a lot for being so incredibly boring, I can admit that making fun of the WNBA is the lowest-hanging fruit in the sports world. But the gay jokes are the rotted fruit laying on the ground for six weeks after.

What’s funny is that YouTube’s brain trust claims they’re trying to put an end to the trolling that the video platform’s commenters have become notorious for. Haha, good luck with that, you clueless billionaires.

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