03.21.08 10 years ago 14 Comments

Good news for everyone who showed up this morning hoping to see an annoying old man wearing a ball gown, because Dick Vitale donned Cinderella gear to advertise Tampa's tourney games in what is almost certainly the sexiest Tampa Tribune of all time.

You know, it would be okay if this were Photoshopped.  I expect to see Vitale in unsexy Photoshops, like fellating Mike Krzyzewski, or servicing a bunch of blue-painted cocks in a Cameron Crazy gang bang.  But this is the real deal, and there's video of him in the dress to prove it.  Says Dickie V in the video:

"I do anything for PR, don't I?"

Like hell you do, you little slut.  Put on some glass slippers or don't dress like Cinderella at all.  I won't stand for a drag queen who half-asses it.  Work it, bitch!

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