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The end of the world comes nearer every day, sexy readers.  No, I'm not talking about the polar ice caps melting or the rise of flying sharks.  What I have to tell you is far worse: as action hero Scott pointed out to me, Dick Vitale now writes a weekly "column" for ESPN.com. 

It is exactly what you expected, but with fewer exclamation points and no Caps Lock:

If you have never seen sports lover Kenny Chesney in action on a stage near you, run and see him. This guy is really dazzling, and the Country/Western star draws crowds everywhere. I had the good fortune of seeing him in Tampa recently… I had the privilege of watching Chesney put on a Tampa Bay Bucs helmet on and take snaps in front of the team's coach, Jon Gruden… Chesney is awesome, baby with a capital A, the best show out there.

This makes sense.  Chesney seems like a logical successor to Jeff Garcia and Chris Simms.  Except, you know… less gay.

p.s. I know what you're thinking, but Peyton and Kenny broke up

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