Did Florida State’s Jameis Winston Deserve An Ejection After Pushing An Official?

“I’ve looked at this play several times, and in my opinion, Winston should have been penalized for shoving Webster not once, but twice. In fact, I feel he should have been ejected.”

FOX officiating guru, Mike Pereira

Hard to argue with Pereira after seeing the evidence. With a little over five minutes left in the third quarter of Florida State’s game against Boston College, an official tried to stop Jameis Winston from snapping the ball until substitutions were complete. That’s when he forcefully moved the ref, not once but twice.

A GIF of the play.

Winston’s comments after the game:

“He was just holding me because he said we had a substitution. It was actually a fast-tempo play, so I was trying to get up under there and let it ride.”

Maybe Winston didn’t deserve an ejection here but how about a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct? How about that guys?