Did LeBron James Make A Bad Decision?

That Tweet above earned Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Dwain Price a Top Tweet on Sunday (I have five to my record, but who is counting?) and his statement is now moot, because with the Miami Heat’s 105-96 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers at home last night, it is now impossible for LeBron James’ South Beach talents to finish with a better regular season record than his 2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers. With 18 games left on the schedule, the Heat would have to win all of them to match the Cavs’ 61-21 record from last year. And with the resurgent Los Angeles Lakers and the red hot Memphis Grizzlies up next, I’m going to assume that’s not happening.

So as the Heat have dropped five straight, coach Erik Spoelstra admitted to the media that his players cried after losing to the Chicago Bulls on Sunday and then blamed the media for reporting it, and Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is suddenly praised for his remarks about the Heat, it appears to be time to ask the big question – did LeBron make the wrong decision by choosing the Heat over staying in Cleveland and fulfilling his promise of winning a championship? And while the immediate answer is no, because he still has 18 games left to at least tie the Cavs’ NBA-best regular season record last year – oh, and the playoffs, of course – the question is going to be raised by everyone now. I’m just trying to prepare you.

Highlights of last night’s game after the jump…

Meanwhile, the only real story involving the Heat that may be worth mentioning is the future of Spoelstra, whose name is lighting up message boards and the rumor mill today. Will he be fired? Would Pat Riley call Larry Brown to replace him? What’s up with his hair? Seriously, coaches make at least 6 figures, why doesn’t he do something about it?

UPDATE: I forgot to include this telling quote from Chris Bosh about why the Heat are underperforming:

“I have to get back in my comfort zone,” he started out after Miami’s 105-96 loss to the Blazers, its fifth straight defeat. “I haven’t been in my comfort zone. A lot of things are new for me, and I just have to be more aggressive in demanding it in my comfort zone. I will take the fall for that.”

A lot of things are new to him? Like what, not being the best guy on a terrible team?