Did Mississippi State Coach Dan Mullen Throw Shade On Michigan Football?

Vanderbilt v Mississippi State
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A recent hot button issue around college football, especially within the SEC, are satellite camps, which are high school football camps that allow a college like Michigan to team up with a school down south like Prattville High School in Alabama and hold a camp. This is clearly a recruiting advantage for colleges like Michigan, which might have more difficulty getting Alabama-area kids up to Ann Arbor. Not to mention the state being one of the most fertile recruiting hot beds in the country.

So, what’s the fuss inside the SEC? Well, the NCAA passed a rule seven years ago,, that prohibited football programs that were more than 50 miles away from campus from hosting football camps. But the rule does allow coaching staffs to work at, but not hold, camps that are outside the 50-mile radius.

This means Big Ten coaches can essentially get away with having some face time with high school football recruits that are right in the SEC’s backyard, something the radius rule was supposed to prohibit.

The most recent crusader against these camps is Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen, who went on a Starkville radio show to discuss his thoughts, and how he prefers having camps on his own campus.

“These are camps, too. We’re out coaching and teaching kids. The satellite camps, they’re recruiting camps, basically. It’s a recruiting thing and a recruiting fair that they’re doing it for.”

Mullen also might’ve thrown a bit of shade at the talent level in the state of Michigan, too.

We’re stuck in June, but college football will be here before we know it to save us from this painful offseason talk.

[Source: SB Nation]