Did Pedro Martinez Toe The Line Of Professionalism While Ripping Ned Yost?

The Royals beat the A’s late Tuesday night, defeating them in walk-off fashion in the 12th inning, 9-8. The game was the most thrilling of the MLB season and certainly one of the most dramatic in Wild Card history. Kansas City held a lead in the 6th inning when manager Ned Yost pulled starting pitcher James Shields. It was an odd move (especially at 88 pitches) and one that backfired quickly when Brandon Moss hit a three-run homer off reliever Yordano Ventura. That’s when TBS commentator and MLB great Pedro Martinez weighed-in. And by weighed-in I mean dude flat out lost his mind.

Let me summarize Pedro’s rant for you. “The Royals won despite Ned Yost.” I’m not sure I’d go that far, but yeah, actually they did.

[Video via Deadspin]