03.23.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Reggie Bush just won a Super Bowl, but he still couldn’t manage to wrest the limelight away from his reality-show girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. This, we’re told, is the reason that the couple has split.

Sources tell us Reggie was fine with Kim before she blew up and just can’t stand all the attention. We’re told the breakup is friendly — no arguments.

It’s being described as “taking time off” — but when you hear the full story it’s clearly splitsville.TMZ has confirmed.

Shouldn’t Splitsville be capitalized? Because…it’s like the name of a city, right? Either way, who would have seen Reggie Bush dodging adversity in a relationship? I get it if he wants to run out of bounds on every play, but that doesn’t work in life. Unless you’re an NFL running back dating a reality TV star. So maybe that was a bad example.

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