Did This High School Coach Deserve To Be Suspended After Beating A Team 161-2?

Did coach Michael Anderson do anything wrong? Did he deserve to be suspended for two games? Those are the questions Arroyo Valley parents are asking after Anderson led his team to a 161-2 victory over Bloomington High. Yes, you read that right, 161-2. A cartoon-like score, a score that’s likely never been seen before in the history of organized basketball.

Anderson is taking heat in large part because he didn’t pull his starters until the third quarter. He also pressed in the first half which led to a 104-1 halftime lead

“I feel it’s very wrong. I felt like, what are you teaching these kids? To lose and not be rewarded” parent Martha Vodinez said. “Are you teaching them to be a loser?”

Myra Lopez, another Arroyo Valley parent, says she was at the game and suggests Anderson was trying to have his team run down the shot clock before their shot attempts were taken.

“I think he was just trying to give the other team a chance, at least, so they could go ahead and try to make some scores,” Lopez said.

Yeah, at some point, you have to call the dogs off. For example, when the score was 66-1, the coach probably should have said, “ladies, we’re going to win this game so let’s not full-court press.” Seems pretty straightforward to me.

That aside, how is the other team that bad? How? How could you only muster only two points? If you put me on a court against the damn dream team, I score two points on accident (no I don’t).