DiGiorno Pizza Live-Tweeted WWE Raw And It Was Amazing (And Pizza-Themed)

I considered skipping the Best and Worst of WWE Raw column this week because DiGiorno Pizza said everything I could hope to say, but pizza-themed.

Yes, DiGiorno Pizza. The “it’s not delivery, it’s DiGirono!” people who sincerely appear to believe that frozen grocery store pizzas can be comparable to freshly prepared food. I don’t know why they let a wrestling-obsessive intern take control of their Twitter during WWE Monday Night Raw, but God bless them for it, because the results were spectacular. How do you work your entire life to become a mildly-enjoyed wrestling writer only to have a PIZZA TWITTER destroy you in every aspect of your game?

Here are some of the best moments. Raw spoilers, obviously. Also, pizza spoilers?

You can check out the full feed and give them a follow here. This one’s my favorite:

(Okay, I made that one up.)