A Digital Billboard In Illinois Had A Great Suggestion For Justin Bieber’s Fate

The rivalry is as heated as it can possibly get with President Barack Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister betting each other a case of beer on the 2014 Winter Olympics hockey games. Harper is already up one case of beer to none, after the USA women coughed up a 2-0 lead with less than three minutes remaining in regulation, and eventually lost in OT to Team Canada earlier today. With all due respect to the women, though, the beer from the men’s match between USA and Canada comes loaded with way more carbs and bragging rights.

But until that game starts at noon tomorrow (ET) and the US, of course, wins by at least 10 goals, a company in Illinois had a pretty great idea for a bet that is way more important than beer. The loser has to keep Justin Bieber, according to the digital billboard owned by Command Transportation, and that might be the best joke/idea that could have been made during these Olympics. You know, not related to the total clusterf*ck that was Sochi’s preparations.

The only amendment that I’d offer would be that if Team USA wins, I mean when Team USA wins, we get to send him back to Canada by slingshot.