12.16.08 10 years ago 8 Comments

It would be a great story if Dirk Nowitzki always used the Mavericks’ off nights to go to Amazing Jake’s and play Laser Tag with a bunch lonely young men who live with their parents.  You know, the kids in high school who wore all black and combat boots, didn’t wash their hair, tortured small animals, and got voted “Most Likely to Start a Militia.”

Unfortunately, this was snapped at the Mavs’ annual holiday party, and the team played a bunch of games with 150 kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Jason Terry got hooked on Ms Pac-Man, Josh Howard played a NASCAR driving game, and all the kids with horrible diseases got to experience joy for a day.  So it’s actually all heartwarming or whatever.

But I still like the idea of Dirk hanging out with the angry dudes who make pipe bombs.

[Full report at friends.mavs.com, via Ball Don’t Lie and the Mavs’ blog community]

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