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Greetings from the Final Four!  With Leather is on location and will occasionally write about what's going on in the ATL or Hotlanta or whatever it's called.  Read Dispatch #1 here.

Following the crap-tastic Florida-UCLA game, I met up with a friend of a friend at his apartment near the Emory campus.  He had gone to the game as well, and was admittedly exhausted from a hard Friday night celebrating the end of med school finals.  I was worn down from a long day of travel and an even longer week of work.  It was midnight on Saturday night.

I said, "So, do you feel like getting a couple drinks or something?"

"I dunno.  Do you feel like going out?"

"I mean, I'm pretty tired, but I could go for a beer if you wanted one."

"I guess I could," he replied, "if you really want to go out."

Silence.  I felt an obligation to report on Saturday night in Georgia.

"Yeah, let's just go out for a beer.  I should check out the scene and look at Southern belles."

I had called his bluff.  "Actually, do you mind if we called it a night?"

I laughed.  "Yeah, man, it's cool."  He went to bed, and I checked my email before falling asleep on the couch.

And that was Saturday night.  Woo!  Can you feel the thrill of the Final Four?  Is my wild lifestyle too much for you to handle?

If you thought that was HOTT, get ready for my Sunday (note: it rained all day yesterday, and today it's cool and cloudy, making this exactly like my Super Bowl trip).  I went on an hours-long trek to get my digital camera fixed (it suffered a debilitating injury on St. Patrick's Day) that proved to be absolutely fruitless.  So that was pretty cool.  Get ready for no exciting pictures tomorrow.  Then I checked into my new living quarters, in which there are no college students here to party.  Then I stayed up late to write an offensive Kissing Suzy Kolber post.  I am fucking EXTREME.

And now it's time to get pumped up for tonight's championship game.  I'd say put all your money on Florida, but it's been repeatedly proven that I'm a dipshit about college hoops.  But fear not, I promise to go out and experience some semblance of nightlife tonight, even if it means starting tomorrow's posts later in the morning.  Even if it means going to a strip club. 

Correction: especially if it means going to strip club.  See y'all tomorrow!

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