Watch This Streaker Jump Off The 10m Platform At The Diving World Series

Few things in sports are as great as a good streaker chase. Well, “great” may not be the word. Maybe “horrifyingly entertaining” instead? Something along those lines.

Anyway, we got a streaker during the Diving World Series in London over the weekend. A man named Daniel Jarvis was posted up in the bleachers of the event when he decided to jump onto the deck and take off. Jarvis ran up the stairs for the various platforms until he got to the one that is 10m high. After managing to take off all of his close except for a speedo, Jarvis got away from a security guard and jumped into the pool of water. Unsurprisingly, the crowd booed him. A lot.

The bad news for Jarvis was he got fined for the little stunt. The worse news was that he apparently dropped his keys in the pool. And as everyone knows, dropping something to the bottom of a pool sucks because swimming to the bottom of a pool is brutal. But the worst news is that Jarvis didn’t impress the judges with his dive, as English diver Tom Daley took home the gold at the event.

(via ForTheWin, Daily Mail)