Seahawks Second-Round Pick D.K. Metcalf Surprised Pete Carroll By Showing Up To An Interview Shirtless

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D.K. Metcalf turned heads after his decision to enter the 2019 NFL Draft, as a picture of the former Ole Miss wide receiver in the school’s weight room went viral. Metcalf then backed up the hype by heading to the NFL Combine and throwing down a blazing fast 40-yard dash time, which is rather impressive for someone listed at 6’3 and 228 pounds.

Metcalf is more than just a physical specimen, he’s a promising football player, too. It led to him getting drafted in the second round of the draft, going to the Seattle Seahawks with the 64th pick. Thanks to this, we got to see one of the best moments of the pre-draft process: Metcalf meeting with the Seahawks and strolling into the meeting without a shirt on.

As you can guess, it was a bit unconventional, so when he did it, everyone in the room laughed. You might not, however, guess that Pete Carroll decided the only rational course of action was to respond by ripping his shirt off and shaking Metcalf’s hand.

As for why this happened, Carroll and Seahawks general manager John Schneider that one of the team’s scouts, Aaron Hineline, convinced Metcalf to walk in shirtless.

“I was surprised that he came into our interview with his shirt off,” Carroll said. “I’m serious, he came in with his shirt off, and it kind of pissed me off, so I took my shirt off too. Not for long though.”

The Seahawks needed some reinforcements in its receiving corps, especially amid the report that standout wide out Doug Baldwin might be forced to retire due to a compilation of injuries. Metcalf is a bit raw and could use some work getting molded into an impact wide receiver, but at the very least, it’s safe to say he’s in a place where he’s going to get along with his head coach.