Do Not Lie To Lou Holtz [Video]

11.16.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

This is obviously a leaked tape that was cut down to make current ESPN analyst Lou Holtz look like a total jerk, and to some extent, it’s effective, but it’s so chopped up that it’s impossible to assume what led to what. So don’t take this as “Oh, Lou Holtz just chewed out some intern.” This is more like “Some TV producer tried to embarrass Lou Holtz with a ten-year-old video.” Whatever.

I don’t really see what about this tape is supposedly incriminating. Doctor Lou is obviously bent out of shape about how the interview was presented to him and lets his feelings known. That’s what happens when you try to give up your time to give interviews to people. And I have no sympathy for that little crybaby intern because most of the people in TV that I’ve met are total dicks anyway. Yeah, I’m sure you’re sorry, homegirl. Now dry those eyes and put on some pants. YOU’RE AT WORK. And don’t even get me started on those camera guys. God forbid that I actually happen to stand someplace where you’re shooting, sir. Some of us actually have lives. As seen on Deadspin.

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