01.30.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

The Phoenix Suns' winning streak is over at 17 games, thanks to a monstrous performance by Kevin Garnett in a 121-112 win. Garnett went for 44 points and 11 rebounds, and Kevin McHale's brilliant installation of a new coach paid obvious dividends as sports editors all over the nation scrambled to work up punny headlines about the Suns "going down". Sun Sets on Phoneix Win Streak, or what have you.

The box score for the Suns looks pretty much the same as most other games, but with smaller numbers from the Garnett-dominated front court. Raja Bell (?) led the Suns with 26, Steve Nash had 20 and 18 assists, and Shawn Marion had 24 and 10 boards. Amare Stoudemire had a quiet 10 points in 39 minutes, and Boris Diaw was similarly ineffective.

I just have two questions: 1. How did the Suns lose to a single person? and 2. How did the T-Wolves score 77 non-KG points? The other people on the court in Minnesota uniforms were Ricky Davis, Marko Jaric, and two cardboard cutouts attached to skateboards. Don't tell me Randy Wittman is the difference. I had never even heard of Randy Wittman until yesterday. Randy Wittman hadn't heard of Randy Wittman was yesterday.

Heh… "Randy." Great adjective. Stupid name. 

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