12.20.06 11 years ago 6 Comments

Listen, I'm just as fired up for Rocky VI as everyone else, but — wait. No, that's incorrect. I'm a great deal less fired up for it than everybody else. However, if some girl were to drag me to it, I suppose I'd go. There are lots of ladies who want to see Rocky Balboa, right? Um, hello? Anyone? …Mom?

Anyway, here's a real fighter you can get behind: Baxter Humby, a muay thai kickboxer in who had his arm amputated at the elbow at birth after his umbilical cord got wrapped around it. As Foul Balls noted, he recently won an appeal against the California State Athletic Commission that was trying to implement rules to keep him from fighting.

Oh, and it turns out he's pretty good at what he does, too:

Wow, a one-armed man named Baxter. Do you think he gets more Anchorman or Fugitive quotes from random people? You should ask him. No, you ask him. I'll be watching from around the corner.

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