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Red Sox Nation has once again lowered the bar for others to mock it more easily, as the new "Hot or Not?"-type website Sexy Sox Girls provides no shortage of female Red Sox fans making the most out of the iconic "B" logo and unbuttoned David Ortiz jerseys.

The Boston Herald, which one day aspires to suck as much as the New York Post or Daily News, had this to say about it:

A new Web site,, invites the women of Red Sox Nation to post playful soft-porn photos of themselves in Sox hats, shirts and other strategically placed paraphernalia.

I need to check, but I'm pretty sure "soft-porn" doesn't even mean anything.  It's just something the writer made up, and the editor must have looked at it and said, "Hmmm, soft-porn.  Sure, sounds good."  There's such a thing as "soft-core" porn, which is your typical Playboy magazine, or maybe late-night Skinemax.  But none of these chicks are baring their breasts, so that's clearly not what they meant.

Seriously, I was gonna make fun of this Kristy chick here, but now I just want to know what soft-porn is.  Would the videos I have of me and my stuffed animals be considered soft-porn?  I dunno, but Fluffy isn't nearly as soft as he used to be, that's for sure.

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