Do Not Watch This Soccer Player Pick A Dog Up By Its Neck And Throw It

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06.11.13 7 Comments

Apparently there are some people out there who don’t share our same appreciation when adorable little animals find their way on to a sports field. For example, a soccer player by the name of Enzo Jimenez – haha, no, not the Paraguayan Minister of Agriculture and Livestock – didn’t care too much for a dog that found its way on to the football pitch during a (possibly) recent match between San Juan and Bellavista.

Jimenez grabbed the dog by its neck and tried to hurl it over the fence, but he failed and the dog ran back on to the pitch. Fortunately, by that point the opposing team let it be known that dog mishandling is not something that they are cool with. Jimenez was then given a red card for his dickish efforts and booted from the game. I may never hear Enzo Jimenez’s name again in my life, but when I do, I will always think, “That guy is a flaming piece of doggy poop.”

Now, in case you don’t want to watch the above video, I’ve included some super special doggy GIFs after the jump.


Bird Dog

Bulldog surfing

Computer Dog

Corgi swing


Dancing Dog

Dog and Stick

Dog trampoline

Dog Water

Husky Puppies

Jet Ski Dog

And here’s what I think about Jimenez, in case I wasn’t clear:

He Blows Goats

(H/T to our buddy Stephen Douglas at TBL)

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