Dodger Stadium Almost Burned Down

05.31.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

As if the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t have enough problems, what with the $400 million debt, terrible owners, dangerous Mexican gang member fans, and that whole being a half game out of last place, now people have to worry about being killed in blazing infernos at Dodger Stadium. During the fifth inning of Saturday night’s game against the Florida Marlins, a section of the stadium was evacuated when a horrific blaze erupted in a food vendor warehouse. Hmmm, I smell insurance fraud.

Fans were ordered out of the section above first base and down the right-field line as smoke wafted over the playing field. Meanwhile, the game continued with the Marlins leading, 3-1.
After the top of the sixth inning, a public-address announcement informed fans of the fire, calling it “small” in a “contained area” and “under control” by the Los Angeles Fire Department, assuring fans there was no need for further evacuations. (Via

Geez, ruin the fun, why don’t you? OK, so the fire wasn’t life-threatening, but I don’t really care about the human fans who may have been in harm’s way. I only care about their dogs, because the fire happened during the Dodgers’ “Bark in the Park” promotion, which allowed fans to bring their favorite canine companions to the park. Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, we can put fuzzy little faces to this careless behavior and hazardous half-assed operation. It also helps if you view this while listening to Sarah McLachlan.

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