Here’s Perhaps The Most Bizarre Balk Of The 2015 Baseball Season

[mlbvideo id=”331497883″ width=”650″ height=”360″ /]

In the bottom of the seventh inning of the Dodgers-Phillies game on Tuesday night, Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood appeared to lose his footing on the mound during a pitch and promptly lost control of the ball, sending it flying toward the first-base line in a pitch so bad, even 50 Cent would have shaken his head.

With the Phillies having runners on first and second at the time, both runners advanced on what first appeared to be a wild pitch, with Carlos Ruiz seemingly scoring what would have been the go-ahead run all the way from second base. However, after the umpires converged on the infield for a couple of minutes, they finally ruled that it was not a wild pitch, but rather a balk, which meant both runners could only advance one base, and Ruiz had to head back to third.

All’s well that ended well for the Phillies, however, as they would eventually end up scoring four runs in the inning, en route to a 6-2 victory.

(Via MLB)