Does Anyone Really Win When Kris Humphries And Rajon Rondo Fight? Yes. Everyone.

Funny how just yesterday I was complaining that I needed something to jumpstart my NBA excitement, and then one of the greatest imaginable fights breaks out between two guys who couldn’t be more disliked. In one corner, wearing flat black and silver with an open mouth and confused face, Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries was last year’s most hated player in the NBA, according to fans. In the other corner, wearing green and the ugliest scowl this side of Rosie O’Donnell, Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo is universally loathed in every city not spelled B-O-S-T-O-N. And last night, they GOT. IT. ONNNNNNNNN!

The action took place in the second quarter, when Kevin Garnett, guarded by Humphries, took an off-balance shot and ended up on the floor. Rondo didn’t like that very much, so he reacted like an adult and shoved Humphries into the first row of courtside seats. Then, as any mature professional athlete would do, Rondo started scratching and clawing at Humphries while their teammates tried to break it up. Oh, and the Nets won 95-83. That should probably be mentioned.

Go make some popcorn and check out the video after the jump. All it’s missing is Brittney Palmer.

And here’s the picture that Humphries Tweeted after the game.

Pretty brutal stuff. *yawns*

Okay, so here’s the thing – Hump didn’t do sh*t. If Rondo wanted a reason to be furious with Hump, it should be that his divorce from Kim Kardashian is taking way too long and costing taxpayers too much money. But this? This horrific attack on Rondo’s teammate? Humphries tapped Garnett on the shoulder. If anything, someone should have clawed Garnett for overreacting as usual.

In the aftermath, Celtics guard Jason Terry didn’t have very kind words for Hump:

“That was unnecessary,” Terry said of Humphries’ foul on Garnett. “Some guys are tough and some guys pretend to be. He’s one that pretends to be. Maybe that’s the role Avery (Johnson) wants him to have.”

Asked what kind of player Humphries was in Dallas, Terry said, “Soft.” (Via)

Nobody has ever accused Kris “DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR” Humphries of trying to be tough. That’s why anyone who thinks he was trying to be a badass should watch the video again and freeze it on the part where he barely taps Garnett. Regardless, tap or shove, I admittedly enjoyed the result of this incident either way. Especially because of these ladies.

(GIF via our buddy Isaac at Guyism, check out his breakdown of the fight here.)