Does This Look Like Excessive Celebration To You?

12.31.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

So they actually played that Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium yesterday; I just thought that game was an early April Fools’ prank, but Syracuse and Kansas State actually showed up and played a really good game. But as time wound down, K-State trailed by 8, needing a TD and the 2-pt conversion to tie. They got the TD, and then this happened.

Walsh is gonna be pissed when I tell him that his mighty mighty Orange were handed a bowl victory, but watch that video and tell me how that justifies a 15-yard penalty. How is that “excessive celebration”? It’s barely a celebration at all. Granted, it’s tacky as hell, but that flag was unwarranted, and it changed the complexion of the game.

This is exactly what we saw coming as soon as these rules were passed; officials would be taking the game out of the players’ hands, and the evidence doesn’t get more clear-cut than this. K-State was flagged and penalized 15 yards; their potentially-game-tying 2-pt conversion was attemped from the edge of the red zone. If we have a choice between exuberant players and exuberant referees, which would you rather see? Oh, wait. This is college football. Nobody in that sport cares what we think.

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