Dog Goes On Field During College Baseball Game, Was Extremely Cute, Eventually Left

A breathtaking situation unfolded on Monday afternoon in Ogden, Utah as the Utah Utes baseball team hosted Northern Colorado. Things seemed to be going according to play, and then, disaster stuck as an extremely tiny and devastatingly cute dog burst onto the field and just kind of vibed for a while.

Here is video of the incident, which fortunately was remedied quickly when the lil dude scampered off of the field thanks to the ushering of several players — one was covered up by a jacket, so his identity is not known, but the other was redshirt junior Shea Kramer, who very bravely held his arm out and pointed in the direction the pup had to get off of the field.

No way that thing weighs more than like 12 pounds, right? Very good dog. Anyway, all the players appeared to have a nice laugh over the entire thing, which makes sense, because it is extremely funny that a dog who is not Air Bud found its way onto a dang baseball field. Although I do suppose it would have been very funny if Air Bud also made its way onto a baseball field, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, the Utes’ collective chivalry paid off, as they won, 12-3, to cap off a sweep of the Bears.