Dogs Were Not Meant For Bench Pressing

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12.13.11 4 Comments

Part of the fun of obscure world records used to be the element of lunacy that was still combined with some sort of unique talent that made the person setting each record so remarkable. Instead, we’ve celebrated the World’s Fattest Man and Woman, the most people gathered in one place while dressed like something, and especially the most women gathered in one place in just bikinis. And now, thanks to the fine people at RecordSetters, anyone can basically set a world record for anything. How easy is it?

So wait, can anyone set a world record? Heck yes. All you need is a unique skill, a video camera and a bit of imagination. Beyond that, the rules are simple: records you submit must be quantifiable, breakable and include sufficient media evidence. Creativity is highly encouraged.

What categories are acceptable? We make it our policy to never subjectively judge submissions, as long as our basic guidelines are followed. We strongly encourage feats that push human achievement in a positive direction. See our RecordSetter Principles below.

That’s right, if you have an idea and a video camera, you can be a RecordSetter. Just like San Diego’s John Van Zant, who set his own world record last month when he bench-pressed his dog 36 times in 30 seconds on live local television. I know what you’re thinking and yes, the dog does look absolutely thrilled to be held in the air and shaken around.

But this gives me an idea – if it’s this easy, I don’t think there’s any reason why we shouldn’t set some world records in the name of With Leather. Leave your brainstorms in the comments, and we will definitely put them to the test.

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