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Doin' It Well is a celebration of some of the best comments from the previous week at With Leather.  It is compiled by the editorial staff and runs every Monday.

People, people, people… Don't ever try to claim "Doin' it Well" is over before the week is over.  Yes, when I posted about the Woods family photo seen here, Rob Iracane came through with the simple yet brilliant "…………the Aristocrats!", which was indeed one of the best comments all week — short, incisive, nothing but punchline — but other commenters gushed about how Doin' It Well should be canceled due to Rob's excellence (and maybe it should, but for different reasons).

To which I say: hellz naw.  There were tons of killer comments the rest of last week.  I admit: the commenters had better jokes than I did last week.  I sucked and you people were brilliant.  So I salute you, good sirs and madames.  After the jump are selections from two threads that were awash in the urine of comedic excellence.

The following are examples of truly great commenting threads.  I can usually go one way with one punchline, but that often leaves a huge door open for other jokes to be told.  And in these cases the jokes were beautifully exhausted.

On a British man having sex with a bicycle:

  • RNC: so would a unicycle fetish be the same as an amputee fetish?
  • Chinaski: I once almost bagged this gorgeous Tirreno Razza at a bar in Italy.  Couldn't seal the deal, though, so I had to settle for fucking this fat Huffy that was sitting in the corner.
  • mediapossum: bicexual?
  • BigFan: Maybe he was just trying to Lance her Tour de France.
  • Tim: That Tirreno Razza that wouldn't go home with Chinaski because she was a total byke.
  • Lloyd_Carr_Pool_Lane: I was checking out a bike with training wheels…..does that make me a pedalphile?

On Japanese rally car dentistry:

  • Punch Rockgroin: Next up: Horseback gynecology!
  • whowillsexmutombo: Anyone have video of the bumper car abortion clinic in Osaka?
  • whowillsexmutombo: also receiving votes: Sky-diving colonoscopies.
  • Pauly: No uni-cycle caesarens?
  • Weed Against Speed: Off-roading vasectomies?
  • Enric Palazzo: Next up:  Bungee Jumping Catheter Insertion.

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