Dolphins Fans Hurt Henne’s Feelings

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12.28.10 14 Comments

Miami Dolphins players and personnel are very upset with the team’s fans after they booed and shouted insults at quarterback Chad Henne as a result of Miami’s 34-27 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday. With a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter, Henne threw two interceptions – the first set up a Dave Rayner field goal and the second was returned for the game-winning touchdown. And despite WR Devone Bess taking the blame for falling down on the second pick, Miami fans have focused their blame on Henne and coach Tony Sparano.

A few players felt the sorrow of the fans after the pathetic loss (Yeremiah Bell apologized to the fans for an awful season), but team mouthpiece and perennial underachiever Channing Crowder ain’t having none of it. You see, according to Crowder, fans aren’t allowed to boo their team. That kind of behavior isn’t welcomed in Miami sports…

“It’s their decision and it’s silly, but that’s fair-weather fans,” Dolphins inside linebacker Channing Crowder said. “If you cheer when times are going good and boo when times are going bad, then we don’t really need you as fans anyway. It is what it is, but booing a player out there trying his best … I try not to cuss but it is what it is.” (Via Fanhouse)

Crowder also said that he stands behind his coach, who he once publicly belittled on his radio show for allowing Joey Porter to leave, but it’s tough for Sparano to maintain good favor with fans when Bill Cowher is telling people how he’d like to coach in Miami, New York, or Houston. As for Henne, dude threw two picks in five minutes against the Lions. What are fans supposed to do, paint his house and wash his car?

But here’s the main point – Dolphins fans are dicks. I’m a Dolphins fan, and I am constantly embarrassed by the people who are associated with my team. I stopped going to games because all these people do is pick fights. Need proof? Let’s go to the tape…

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