The Dolphins Shocking The Patriots Spoiled A Nearly $75,000 Bet

The Miami Dolphins weren’t supposed to take down the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, but they managed to do just that, pulling an historic upset over the AFC East champions. The Dolphins spent the entire season tanking only to find their way towards the end of the year and catch a few teams, like the Patriots, completely off guard. This was a Patriots team playing for a first-round bye in the NFL Playoffs and had every reason to leave it all on the field, but they couldn’t get the job done.

Of course, with most people expecting the Patriots to win in this situation, many bettors put large sums of money on a New England victory with the hopes of padding their stats. Two people had them as the fifth team in parlays that, had the Pats won, would’ve netted them $100,000.

That is brutal, but it’s not as bad as the single person who put a hair under $75,000 on the Patriots to win the game outright — not cover the spread, but just win the game. The payout would have only been a little more than $4,600. That’s more than enough to, say, pay off various bills for a few months, but instead, the bettor has to find a way to make up $75,000.

These are some absolutely terrible bad beats. The Patriots were just never able to gain full control over the Dolphins, and as a result, Miami came out on top. As a result, some people missed out on a whole lot of money, and we got our latest reminder that gambling is hard.