Donald Trump Got Booed Again At His UFC 244 Appearance In New York

Donald Trump made his second public appearance in a week at UFC 244 on Saturday night, and it quickly became the second event he appeared at in which he was loudly booed. Trump started the week at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, where the crowd booed and chanted “lock him up” when he appeared on the video board at Nationals Park.

Saturday brought another public appearance, though still rare, as Trump traveled to New York City to take in UFC 244. The event at Madison Square Garden saw Trump sitting in the first few rows of the venue, and when he inevitably was acknowledged in the venue he was, once again, roundly booed.

There were some noticeable cheers, but the sentiment was pretty clear among the crowd. Still, Trump spent much of his Sunday morning retweeting support from accounts claiming he was cheered. His son also claimed there were positive Trump chants but shared a photo, not a video, from the event.

The appearance brought protesters to the area outside Madison Square Garden, as Trump’s impeachment inquiry and the litany of other controversies started during his presidency has made him historically unpopular. Protesters held up signs outside that read “headlock him up” and others supported his impeachment.

Trump hasn’t appeared in public events like this much during his time in office, choosing closed events or rallies full of his supporters. As CBS notes, Trump has a lot of support from UFC president Dana White and some fighters in the stable, but fans at the event may be a different story.

As his reelection campaign starts in earnest in the coming months it’s likely he will continue to do them, perhaps we now know why he choose to avoid public sporting events in the past.