Donald Trump Reportedly Hit Himself In The Head With A Golf Club Then Blamed His Caddy

03.21.19 3 months ago

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Donald Trump has a fuzzy but frequent relationship with golf. He’s considered, for example, the club champion of the course he owns despite not actually playing in said championship. And yet, he frequently plays and it appears to be the only actual physical activity he puts his 72-year-old body through.

Trump’s golf stories fall in line with the other things that he says and says he does, as in he often lies about both. The story of him challenging his club’s champion to a golf contest that somehow made him co-champion is a good example of that. But even further, there’s an entire book you probably don’t want to read about how Trump cheats at golf.

That book, written by Rick Reilly and coming out later this year, features all kinds of stories about Trump on the golf course. Which makes sense because, well, he’s there a lot. Even as president. The book contains many anecdotes about Trump, but the title — Commander-in-Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump — is pretty self-explanatory.

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