Jaguars Owner Shad Khan Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Jealous’ Of NFL Owners

10.19.17 5 months ago

Getty Image

Donald Trump seems to have a budding rivalry going with the National Football League, chiding its players for protesting police brutality against people of color and reprimanding commissioner Roger Goodell for not demanding the league’s players stand for the national anthem.

Though Trump’s reverent love of Radiohead is obvious at this point, a theory among many is that Trump is lashing out at the NFL because of his history with the football league. It’s a history of failure, both in his bid to rival the organization with the USFL in the 1980s and his failed bids to acquire ownership of an NFL team himself.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan said as much to the media on Thursday, pointing out that Trump is “jealous” of the exclusive ranks of NFL owners, mainly because he isn’t a part of that exclusive club.

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