01.12.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

With less than three minutes to play, the Eagles had the ball and led by two scores in what was about to be an upset of the conference’s top-seeded team in hostile Giants Stadium. And so Donovan McNabb showed a tiny sign that he was having fun on the football field.

What was the announcing booth’s reaction? “I just don’t know what goes through his head sometimes.” Because why would a booth featuring Joe Buck NOT come off as uptight assholes? If Brett Favre did something like that, they would have chuckled and talked about “how much fun he’s having out there.” Am I calling Troy Aikman and Joe Buck racists? Well, that wasn’t my intention, but sure. Why not.

POLL: Who was McNabb calling? After the jump, video of Ray Lewis attempting to remove Ahmard Hall’s head, plus a bonus gallery of dejected fans and players. Your tears warm my black soul!

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