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UPDATE: We added about 20 more pics to the gallery. You’re welcome.

Lost in the shuffle in the Saints-mania Who Dat Nation commotion is the fact that both conferences are being represented by significantly high-profile WAGs. Obviously, Kim Kardashian has made a steady stream of headlines while hanging off the arm of running back Reggie Bush. But the Colts are well-represented in the tabloids as well, by none other than fellow reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson.

Wilkinson married wide receiver Hank Baskett–then a Philadelphia Eagle–last June. But now Baskett plays for Indianapolis, and even though he might be the only guy to whom Peyton doesn’t throw the ball, his arrival in Miami, with Kendra’s, should make for a fine reception.

Passion Nightclub in Miami “is where I’m throwin my partayyyyyy,” the Kendra star writes on Twitter of her plans for Super Bowl week. “And, yes, family will be watching the baby that night. LOL.”

Responding to an Internet report that Kardashian will be driving in a monstrous bullet-proof Armor Horse Vault XXL2 Limousine, Wilkson reveals what she’ll be cruising in to her Feb. 5 party: “Budget renta car. Lololo.”


That’s just how she rolls. I’ll be curious to see if Kendra gets any camera time on Super Sunday. Baskett had five catches all season heading into the playoffs. By comparison, that makes Reggie’s running out of bounds during the fall appear almost workmanlike.

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