If You Don’t Live In Southwest Florida, You Missed This Super Bowl Commercial Marriage Proposal

We can probably all agree that when it came to local television Super Bowl ads, no company or person came close to even matching Jamie Casino’s incredible personal injury attorney commercial. Hell, most movie trailers in 2014 won’t hold a candle to that masterpiece of absurdity. But one Southwest Florida jeweler at least tried to get into the Super Bowl spirit with something huge, as Diamond District in Cape Coral featured an honest-to-gosh wedding proposal in its :39 ad.

While Jason and Todd threw what looked like one of the most distracting and drug-fueled Super Bowl parties of the year, they helped an unnamed gentleman pop the question to his girlfriend (I assume) Jessica before cutting to her priceless reaction shot.

And if that guy had a second question to pop, I would hope it would have been, “Where the hell did that one guy get that strange Miami of Ohio Ben Roethlisberger jersey?” Seriously, that’s a hell of a find.