Don’t Make The Mistake Of Caring About Preseason Football

08.09.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

I love it how everyone watches their teams’ first preseason games of the season and then flips out, as if they serve as any sort of barometer for ANYTHING. The players, playbooks, and intensity are all dramatically scaled down. It’s like watching midget wrestling outdoors, but without the novelty and carnival music in the background. It’s just football. Enjoy it for what it is — preseason garbage.

The Bengals and Cowboys played the Hall Of Fame Game in Canton last night. I didn’t even watch it, primarily because The Empire Strikes Back episode of “Family Guy” was on last night. Yeah, there are some dead spots in every show, but there’s always at least one hilarious moment in each show. I appreciate that buckshot approach to comedy. “You can’t use that word! Only we get to use that word!” So awesome.

Uh, but yeah…football. Sorry, I’m just not into it right now. It’s still hotter than balls outside and I JUST bought my first fantasy football mag to figure out who will be where (hello, Justin Forsett). I’ll get there eventually. If only there was a month-long period that I could use to gradually get acclimated to the incoming football season. I could really appreciate a grace period like that.

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