Don’t Worry, Mario Balotelli – Nobody Will Ever Know That You’re In That Bentley

Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli is only 22-years old, and as the face and presumable future of Manchester City and the Italian National Team, it’s safe to say that he has a long career ahead of him. But with so much success already coming at such a young age, Balotelli has seen his fair share of controversy, from the racial taunts of opposing teams at Euro 2012 to the daily tabloid reports on European websites and in trashy gossip rags. Of course we sympathize with him for the former and we love him for the latter, because athletes who recover from losing Europe’s biggest soccer tournament by partying with beauty queens in the wake of a paternity scandal brought about by one of soccer’s most notorious WAGs is stronger than a fresh pot of coffee to us.

But I mention Balotelli today not because he broke up with his pregnant girlfriend, Rafaella Fico, yet again because they can’t agree on where to have the baby and he allegedly can’t keep his striker in his Umbros. Instead, I’m bringing him up because – Dude, what the hell did you do to your Bentley?

Wrap our brains in Louis Vuitton vinyl, HighSnob:

Manchester City’s 22-year-old Mario Balotelli gained some attention when he pulled into the Carrington complex whippin’ his newly camouflaged Bentley Continental GT. The unusual vinyl wrap caused the cameras to go off on Balotelli and his £160,000 car. Balotelli seems to have purchased the GT as a replacement for his Audi R8, which he crashed earlier this year in Manchester.

According to my Texas Instruments graphing calculator, in American dollars, that converts to: 80085. Wait no, sorry. That car costs approximately $253,000. But don’t worry about Balotelli wasting money. For starters, he has at least three other cars, including a Ferrari and Maserati, and he makes approximately $198,000 per week. So he’ll probably get tired of the camouflage soon and pay another $25,000 or so to have it wrapped in zebra stripes or maybe all chrome. You know, something classy.