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Still haven’t signed up for a NCAA bracket pool? Join St. Andrew’s Pool (Pw: debruin). It’s free and totally pointless.

Barack Obama’s NCAA bracket will be posted online at sometime today. Which is great, because he can’t seem to pass a budget or stop any of the bailout money from being blown on private jets and upscale whores. I think it’s the first time a sitting president has ever wasted his time in such a public fashion. The whole reason Clinton never did this was because Clinton always had seven teams in his Final Four.

The First Hoops Fan indulged in one of the week’s most popular pastimes, filling out his NCAA bracket Tuesday for ESPN. The network, which is posting Obama’s bracket online Wednesday and showing Andy Katz’s report on “Sportscenter” at noon EDT, will reveal the president’s pick for NCAA champion then.

The president stuck primarily with No. 1 seeds. The sole exception was Memphis, seeded No. 2 behind Connecticut in the West regional.[…]

Katz extracted a promise from Obama that if elected, the new president would reveal his NCAA picks to ESPN when the pairings were announced in March.

I understand that Barack has his own NCAA pool going, and if you correctly predict the final four, you win $100 billion in bailout money and free health care for life. Oh, but he’s more personable than Dick Cheney, so I guess I can’t make fun of him. You think AIG would be buying whores under a Cheney administration? Hell, no. Edward Liddy would wake up with like three whores’ bloody heads tucked into his sheets. Whores’ heads. See what I did there?

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