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I really don’t have a big problem with famous people mouthing off in public once in a while. I’ve said this before, there are certain social plateaus that people can hit where they’re allowed to treat people in a way that some of us might find inappropriate. But people that possess a level of passion and arrogance need to be treasured, even if one of those people happens to be Russell Crowe. From the Daily Mail, who still likes driving on the left side of the street:

Crowe could be seen pointing to where he wanted to move for a better view of the thrilling five-setter which saw Federer triumph over Roddick in the final set, but it seems the officer was clearly having none of it.

The Australian could be seen debating the matter, but soon after meekly returned to his original seat having conceded defeat.

I’m torn on this. Tennis is one of those sports where you know going in that you can’t so much as pee on a mound of cotton while the ball’s in play. Everybody has to be quiet so they can concentrate or whatever. And I guess you can’t change seats during play. That said, everybody that goes to watch tennis in person knows this going in, and so you’re stuck living under that repressive tennis regime. But I don’t understand what would have been so bad about sitting behind Ralph Lauren. Sitting in front of him, on the other hand…that I could understand.

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