Drake Actually Showed Up To The Raptors Game Because He’s Their Biggest Fan Ever

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01.13.14 5 Comments

Drake Night

Oh we mocked and we mocked, and we said that Miami Heat superfan Drake would never show, but when the Toronto Raptors busted out Drake Night in honor of everyone’s favorite Canadian rapper since Snow, the egg was on our faces when he showed up to pretend that he loves his hometown team. Drake, who actually serves as the Raptors’ “Global Ambassador,” stuck around to watch the Raptors defeat the terrible Brooklyn Nets, who are somehow holding onto the No. 8 seed in the East, despite being 7 games under .500. Of course, the Raptors are the No. 4 seed at a game over .500 so what the f*ck do we know?

In addition to announcing Toronto’s starting lineup, Drake also sat courtside and made gestures with his hands and face to show everyone how seriously he was taking this game that didn’t involve his best friend, LeBron James, with whom he celebrated after the Heat won the NBA Championship last year. Gotta love the Drake.

That was Drake holding a press conference to let everyone know what they’d be in store for when the Drake Night festivities kicked off, and you can see that mischievous grin of his when he mentioned his own take on announcing the starting lineup. Oh you KNOW he brought his A-game for the player intros.

Meanwhile, if Dwayne Casey’s reaction to Drake’s flattering words during the team’s intro wasn’t an indicator of how little he cared about Drake Night, this picture might also help sum it all up.

Casey and Drake

I like to think that Casey dropkicked Drake right after this photo was taken.

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