Conor McGregor’s Coach Will Make Sure He Avoids The Drake Curse By Force If Necessary

06.03.19 3 months ago

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For better or worse, Drake attracts attention wherever he goes. In some circles, it comes in the form of pure adoration but, in others, the “Drake curse” is seen as a legitimate thing. Recently, the world-famous musician has been everywhere with regard to the NBA Finals — through the prism of his allegiance to the Toronto Raptors — but Drake’s “appeal” made its way to the world of fight sports over the weekend.

First, boxer Anthony Joshua mocked the notion of a “curse” before being knocked out in memorable fashion. On Sunday, Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, joined the party by issuing something of a warning to Drake if he somehow chose to “visit” his gym.

In short, he promised Drake that he would be “roundhoused” on arrival.

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