Drake Was Denied Access To The Miami Heat's Locker Room (Video Of The Year Nominee)

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06.21.13 10 Comments

The Miami Heat are your 2012-13 NBA Champions after defeating the San Antonio Spurs 95-88 in Game 7 of what will be remembered as one of the most exciting NBA Finals in recent memory. I’d polish it up with plenty more hyperbole, but this attention span generation can barely remember who won The Voice, so I’m sure that by next year’s Finals between the Heat and the Chris Paul/Dwight Howard/Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks we’ll all be talking about how that one’s the best.

Anyway, my pick for the MVP of the NBA Finals isn’t LeBron James, despite the fact that he put the Heat on his shoulders for 7 games to earn the honor. Nope, my MVP is the security guard in the above clip who basically told rapper Drake to go f*ck himself last night when he tried to get into the Heat locker room after the game.

“I am the media,” is what Drake actually said when the guard told him that only reporters were allowed in at that point. Couple that with Drake’s portion of this otherwise awesome Nike ad for LeBron James that was posted last night and I think Mickey Arison needs to give that guard a promotion and huge raise.

Seriously, he sounds like a guy calling in to a 3 am sports talk show to shout about haters.

(But don’t worry, Drake made it to the afterparty and posed like the rad dude that he is.)

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