Dream Team Rolls On: Eagles Top Giants 64-7

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09.26.11 8 Comments

Just kidding.

Schadenfreude isn’t a good look for a sports blog, so I’ll simply share the information that Michael Vick suffered a broken right hand in the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the New York Giants and, according to a report from NBC Philadelphia, he may be out of action for three-to-four weeks. To finish that sentence, I will add “loooooooool”.

So far, 2011 hasn’t been great for the Eagles — the 29-16 loss to the Giants drops the Dream Team to 1-2, and in the last two weeks Vick has been concussed and had his hand broken. After saying he wasn’t going to call out officials for protecting other quarterbacks and letting him get injured, Vick called out officials for protecting other quarterbacks and letting him get injured. You can read the transcript of his comments here, and I have to warn you, they are extremely diplomatic.

“It really doesn’t matter where it was at. I was trying to protect myself. Still didn’t get a flag and that’s pretty much been the story for the last three weeks. I mean obviously at some point something catastrophic is going to happen and I broke my hand. Not to blame the refs or say that it was their fault. It’s just one of those unfortunate situations and I just think more precautions should be taken when I’m inside the pocket. I mean if you look at all the replays, I’m on the ground every time and it’s unfortunate for myself and it’s unfortunate for my team and I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t, if I were to sit here and say I wasn’t frustrated right now because of that.”

“Why aren’t the refs protecting him?”, you might ask.

“Why? I mean, you all see it. There’s no reason for me to go into a big dissertation about why I’m not getting the calls. The refs, they have to do their job as well. I even mentioned it in training camp to the refs when we had our little meeting, so just for precaution. But hey, I don’t know.”

I’m the last guy on a sports blog to pretend I’m typing jokes with any objectivity or act like I’m not judging people with blinders on, so in the interest of representing both pro- and anti-Eagles sentiment, I wish Vick a speedy recovery and hope the refs aren’t biased enough to make or not make calls based on skin color, preconceptions of ego and attitude or All That Stuff You Did. I even know how Vick should spend the next 3-4 weeks — if he’s injured, why not lock him in a trunk with Peyton Manning and make them fight to the death?

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