09.05.07 10 years ago 20 Comments

Okay, let's get everyone up to speed on Dreambaby.  Yesterday the news was that Gisele had committed some kind of gaffe by sending Bridget Moynahan a really expensive baby gift basket that included a piece of clothing that said "supermodel" on it.  Pretty boring.  But today, from some weird British-language baby site called Bounty, there's this:

Although the father was present at baby John's birth, he is reported to have left the hospital shortly afterwards in tears and Moynahan has apparently declared she wants to cut Brady out of her and her baby's lives.

Good call, Bridge.  Definitely a good idea to not allow the dad into your son's life.  Relieve Tom of all fatherhood duties.  Give him more time to jetset around the world and screw models.  Meanwhile, your son grows up in the public eye, with everyone telling him how his father is handsome and popular and rich and one of the greatest big-game NFL quarterbacks of all time. 

John probably won't even want to meet him.  I don't see this being an issue down the road at all.

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